High Perfomance Infrared Beam Alert Systems

Parabeam infrared beamset

Parabeam Solar Powered Perimeter Detection System

The system protects you and your assests. Parabeam uses an infrared beam to secure your boundary. As soon as the beam is broken, owners are notified immediately of the intrusion.

The system has several options for notifications, and can even be interfaced to an alarm system.

There are several systems that would suit. From the basic driveway alerting through to complex installations with several beams and 3G/4G SMS alerting.

When correctly installed the system is designed to eliminate nuisance triggers such as pets, wind-blown objects, rain, birds etc., so you know when it goes off it’s for good reason! No more false alarms especially at night.



Our  System Options







Parabeam Vehicle Gate Sensor


Parabeam XR-2500_Series
Parabeam Vehicle sensor
Parabeam Pager
  • Monitors 1 to 4 zones (ie: entrance-ways)
  • 500m maximum range (300 – 400m typical)
  • Perfect for rural and commercial installations
  • 3 Year Warranty, including Batteries
  • Monitors 1-4 zones
  • Security Beam spans 200m of flat ground
  • Includes standard whip Antenna for 1km connectivity range
  • 1-3km Range (with Yagi antenna)
  • 3 Year Warranty, including batteries
  • 2500m+ range in perfect line of sight
  • 1200m+ range in an urban environment
  • Uses the new ‘LoRa’ radio technology
  • Connect an external antenna for additional range
  • 35m wide invisible detection beam
  • Supports multiple base receivers
  • NOT compatible with LITE and Standard models!
  • Magnetic Vehicle Gate Sensor (Ignores animals)
  • 800m Maximum Range (extendable)
  • Supervised two-way connectivity
  • 3 Year Warranty, including Batteries (except Probe, 2 Year Warranty)

Parabeam has a full range expansion options.

Options include:

POCSAG Pager, Text Alert Module, Antennas, Strobe Lights, Sirens and Bells, additional Beam Sets

Replacement Batteries, Solar Panels and parts as required.


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