Parabeam XR

Parabeam XR-2500_Series

Product Highlights

  • 2500m+ range in perfect line of sight
  • 1200m+ range in an urban environment
  • Uses the new ‘LoRa’ radio technology
  • Connect an external antenna for additional range
  • 35m wide invisible detection beam
  • Supports multiple base receivers
  • NOT compatible with LITE and Standard models!

4-Zone Receiver Highlights

  • Adjustable beep volume
  • Distinct beeping sequence enables you to identify which beam was activated
  • Mute buttons allow independent control of each beam-set
  • Supports up to 4 beam-sets
  • Adjustable timed outputs on each zone
  • Supports ‘police strobe’ warning lights
  • Supports our 3G and 4G text messaging modules
  • External antenna connection
  • External ‘mute’ input allows receiver to be controlled on a 24 hour timer
  • Master receiver can repeat the signal to multiple ‘slave’ receivers

This product must be professionally installed by a Perimeter Security Technician. Please call on 0800 084924 or email us via our contact page for a no obligation free quote.

Basic Overview

 is our highest performing wireless gate alarm yet, enabling you to monitor entrances thousands of metres away from your house. The  does away with the need for an external antenna in 90% of cases , making it a much quicker and easier installation than it used to be. If your entrance way is less than 35m wide and a very long distance away from your house, this system is perfect.

The , like all of our models, uses a proper photo-electric beam, making it far more immune to false alarms than PIR based systems. Two-way Radio Supervision and On-board Diagnostics (displayed on Base Receiver) are features alarm installers routinely expect on wireless equipment – we haven’t seen these appear on any other gate alarm yet.

The  is compatible with optional auxiliary devices such as our long range UHF paging system or Text Message Module, and easily interfaces with Alarm Panels.

See our ® Standard if you require our standard range gate alarm. (If you need a much longer detection beam than 35m, check out our )

 I want to install 3-4 beam-sets but I only need the long wireless range on one of my beam-sets, can I use cheaper beams for the closer ones?

 This has been a common question. The  is not compatible with our standard beam-sets so you can’t mix the different systems. An alternative is to install a Standard system instead, with a range-boosting antenna to receive your far beam-set, allowing you to install cheaper, shorter range beams in the closer locations. The drawbacks to consider are the additional installation time and hassle, the cost of an antenna and the eventual deterioration of an outdoor antenna. The other drawback is your base receiver must stay in the location the antenna cable has been routed to. We recommend using  beams all-round if this situation comes up but you are welcome to discuss the different options so you can make your own decision.

These kits include:

  • 1 Model XR-2500 Base Receiver
  • Model XR-2500 Beam-set(s)
  • Small indoor antenna on a 1.2m cable (magnetic base)
  • 2 x Solar Panels for each Beam-set
  • 2 x 3.6V Rechargeable Batteries for each Beam-set
  • 12V Power Adaptor for Base Receiver
  • Mounting Brackets for Beam-sets and solar panels


Base Receiver  
Two-way Radio Supervision YES
On-board Diagnostics YES
Maximum Number Of Supported Beam-Sets 2
Volume Adjustment Increments 4 volume settings
Power Requirements 12V DC 500mA
Dimensions – Millimetres W77 | D110 | H32
Warranty 3 Years
Beam Set  
Type of Beam Active Photo-electric Infra-red
Maximum Beam Width 35m
Maximum Operating Range between Beam-set and Base Receiver 3000m
Maximum Operating Range between Beam-set and Base Receiver with MegaBeam Installed 8000m
Modulation Type Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying (GFSK)
Radio Frequency 458.550 MHz Band (Country Specific)
RF Output Power 100mW
Average Power Consumption per Beam Unit 10mW
Battery Voltage 3.6V (charges to 4.2V approx.)
Weather Resistance
  • Poly-Carbonate, IP66 rated Enclosure
  • Fully weather-proof
  • Ant-proof
Dimensions – Millimetres W48 | D45 | H60
Warranty 3 Years
Solar Panels  
Voltage Output 7.0Voc @ 700mW
Dimensions – Millimetres W120 | D60
Warranty 3 Years