Compare Reconyx Cameras

What is the difference between a Reconyx Surveilance and License plate camera?

  • License plate cameras are designed to capture vehicle license plate. They will not capture people at night.
  • Surveillance¬† cameras are perfect for covert surveillance of people and their activities

To help demonstrate the differences, we have some side by side images for you to compare

Covert Surveillance Security Camera

  • Daytime Color
  • Nighttime Monochrome
  • 42 Degree Field of View
  • Captures people and activity day and night
  • Does NOT capture license plates at night

License Plate Security Camera

  • Daytime Monochrome
  • Nighttime Monochrome
  • 24 Degree Field of View (2x Telephoto)
  • Captures license plates up to 90 km/h day and night
  • Does NOT capture people and activity at night. ONLY license plates!