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Reolink Skin

Residential Property Protection

If you’re living the Kiwi dream and you have your own home, you’ll want to protect it at all costs. You may think having a front gate some distance from the house would make it difficult to install a surveillance without a main power line. Think again. With modern technology and solar power, now you can.

Security – it’s what we love to do

We’ve taken what we loved doing and used it to help other people.

With our knowledge of electronics and IT background, we have the right knowledge and skills to solve any security issue your  property may have. Our product range is hand selected from the best that there is on offer. We do not provide any products without a warranty. Yes, we fully support all of our products.

With our knowledge and skill-set, we can protect your property and precious possessions. And – most importantly – keep your family safe.

Choose the system that’s right for you

4G Camera


No WiFi? No Power Outlets?
Reolink Go Works, Anywhere, Anytime

Ideal for at the bach!

Reolink Go, a 100% wire-free mobile HD security camera, operates on 4G-LTE and 3G networks. An ideal video monitoring solution with no cords, no wiring hassles, when in areas with limited or no WiFi access, no electrical power source!

Portable and weatherproof! Install or take Reolink Go just about anywhere, indoors and outdoors. In your vacation home, construction site, campsite, in the wild, etc.

License Plate


Reconyx mr7 license plate camera

MS7 MICROFIRE WIFI Enabled license plate camera

Stand alone license plate capture.
The MS7 can also connect to a local Wifi network (2.4ghz wireless b/g) and email photos to you without the need for a cellular plan or connection (not required for operation).

Also available is the MS8 General Surveillance Camera


Wifi Security 


Reolink Arus Pro- Wirefree, with Rechargable Battery

Optionally Solar Powered

Totally Wire-Free Over WiFi, Rechargeable Battery, 1080p Full HD, PIR Motion Sensor, Two-Way Audio, Rapid Wake-Up, Solar Powered.

Put It Anywhere – Outdoors, indoors, anywhere with WiFi network covered.


Infrared Beam


Parabeam Infrared beam

Parabeam® range of high performance wireless alert systems…

Parabeam® allows you to remotely monitor driveways, sheds, machinery and fuel storage facilities to a base receiver, mobile phone or pager, and be anywhere on the property – alerted when a visitor has arrived, welcome or unwelcome. 

Wifi Solutions


Ubiquiti Mesh Access point

Sick of poor to non existent WiFi coverage inside and outside of your house, or in your outbuildings?

Imagine being able to mow the lawns on your ride-on, while being able to stream music from your internet in your house.

Perimeter Security is able to specify and install a complete WiFi solution for your home.


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